Future Plans

Supporting Statements

Something that I have learned through personal reflection is that during the pandemic and for the foreseeable future it is important to build flexible plans which can be adjusted based on contextual change. For instance, I needed to adjust the development plan from my D2 Fellowship Application (submitted in 2020). Initially I had planned to ‘learn about accessibility in forms, surveys and questionnaires to support institutional research and Inclusive Practice liaison work with the Learning and Teaching Hub’1. My role has changed since then due to reorganisation and staffing adjustments. Furthermore, in response to institutional needs and my involvement in the Jisc Accessibility Community, I have been focusing on accessible remote exams including setup, wording, layout, and presentation of data visualisations and equations. I have therefore put “…forms, surveys and questionnaires” on hold with a plan to resume this work after submitting my CMALT application. I also recognise that it has been a while since I last published my own original research. My most recent solo publication, a book chapter, was in 20152 and I would like to share my discoveries in relation to accessibility and inclusive online spaces in a more formal way once again. I am currently establishing collaborations with academic staff to support some collaborative output. I will continue to develop my ideas in my professional blog and vlog and will investigate suitable journals for submission of articles.

At this time, it is hard to anticipate what might happen next and there are tandem possibilities of moving into management and/or potentially shifting to a more user experience/learning experience focused role. To help re-focus I completed a block of self-funded career coaching from February to April. This helped me to build confidence after a difficult year, enabling me to revaluate my professional goals and values. In light of that experience regardless of what happens next, my values will continue to guide my decisions and allow me to produce work which helps others, supports learning, and subsequently brings me joy.


  1. Evidence: Progress of my FHEA D2 Development Plan since October 2020 (2021)↩︎

  2. Evidence: Link to my Google Scholar Profile↩︎